Online Account

Local 24 is happy to offer its members online access to important information including member news, member forms, upcoming events and more.

If you are a current UA Local 24 union member, we have created an account for you. See the instructions below on how to login and access your account.

For apprentices, or members who have joined after 11/30/2014, please contact us to create your account.

Login / Registration Instructions


Log In Instructions:

  • Go to
  • Enter your UA Member ID as your username (i.e. 0123456)
  • Enter your password. Your password is your UA Member ID with -ua24 amended to the end. For example, if your UA Member ID is 0123456, your password is 0123456-ua24. This is for existing online members only
  • After logging in, update your profile name, email address and password here.


Registration Instructions:

To register, you must be a current UA Local 24 union member in good standing. Please contact us to create your account.